Yohnosuke Yamada, Managing Partner
Admitted in 1989

Practice Areas:
General Corporate, Corporate Governance, Compliance, Operation of
Shareholders Meeting, Real Estate, Labor & Employment, Litigation
& Dispute Resolution

Education and Professional Experience:
1986         LL.B., the University of Tokyo
1989         Nagashima & Ohno (currently Nagashima Ohno & Tsunematsu)
1989         Yamada Brothers
2005         Yamada, Goya & Suzuki

1994-2014     Outside Company Auditor, SANYO TRADING CO., LTD.
2004-         Auditor, Higeta Shoyu Co. Ltd.
2004-         Outside Company Auditor, Mitsubishi Logistics Corporation
2005-2006 Professor, the Legal Training and Research Institute of
the Supreme Court of Japan (Criminal Defense)
2006-2016     Member of Independent Committee, Inabata & Co., Ltd
2006-2019     Outside Company Auditor, KANEMATSU CORPORATION
2010-2014     Deputy Director, Tokyo District Branch Office of
the Japan Legal Support Center
2011-         Supervisory Director, Activia Properties Inc.
2014-         Outside Director, SANYO TRADING CO., LTD.

Maritime Counselor

“30 Topics of Contemporary Maritime Trade and Insurance Law”, CHUOKEIZAI-SHA, INC.