For Corporate Clients

General Corporate
We have been representing a large number of companies and provide broad range
of legal services to our corporate clients for a variety of legal issues arising
out of corporate activities and doing business. For pubic listed corporations,
we provide legal advices on corporate governance, compliance and operation of
shareholders meeting plus consumer response. We also handling incorporations
of Japanese companies, commercial registration and maintenance thereafter.

Dispute Resolutions
We have represented in many cases on commercial and civil litigations. We also have
experiences in ADR such as institutional arbitration. We provide cordinate/liaison
services for disuputes overseas.

Real Estate
We provide legal advices on transactions of real estate including sales and
leases and prepares and advice various types of agreements for the transactions.
We have experiences in lawsuits of requesting modification of rent for large
commercial facilities and in lawsuits of building and construction deals.

Labor and Employment
We provide legal advices on labor and employment matters and have experiences
in representation of large scale lawsuits of labor disputes.

Antitrust Law
We provide legal advices on antitrust law and related laws and regulations.
We have experiences in representing large-scale cartel cases in Japan.

Bankruptcy and Restructuring
We have experiences in filing for bankruptcy and civil rehabilitation and
serving as a receiver or trustee in such proceeding and we provide legal
advices in the areas of bankruptcy and corporate restructuring.

We have an experienced specialist in the area of anti-mafia and extortion
activities and provide advices to corporate clients for preventing and
excluding illegal entities from their businesses.

Intellectual Property Rights
We have experiences in application for trademark rights and design rights
and drafting agreements regarding IPRs such as research/development and
licensing. We also provide legal advices on IPR infringement cases.

International Business Transactions
We provide legal advices on and draft agreements for various types of cross
border transactions. We also provide translation services of agreements and
legal documents. For overseas corporate clients, we are capable of provide
comprehensive legal services in order to implementing business in Japan, from
setting up a Japanese subsidiaries and its operations, such as hiring employees,
engaging with subcontractors, contracting with distributors, etc., to closing
up Japanese business.