About our firm

We, Yohnosuke Yamada and Shuichi Suzuki, were the fellow at the Legal Training
and Research Institution of the Supreme Court of Japan and in 2005. Yamada Brothers,
established in 1961 and Goya & Suzuki, established in 1964 have merged into
Yamada, Goya & Suzuki and we have been practicing law at our current office
at Shisei Building located at the site of Hibiya Park.

Before our merger, we have been representing both public-listed corporations and
private companies (including general machinery manufacturing company, shipbuilding
company, logistic company, general trading company, food manufacturing company,
maritime transport company, ground improvement company, land transportation company,
real estate company, and seafood processing company, etc.), healthcare corporation,
educational corporation and many individual clients. We have been practicing law
in the areas of general corporate, dispute resolution, debt collection, corporate
restructuring, labor and employment, general civil cases, family law, succession
cases, criminal defense, and marine accident inquiry.

And in 2013, we had an attorney as our new member who has experiences in the area of
intellectual property law and is also licensed in the State of New York, as a
result, we build our firm structure to be able to provide advices in the
specialized areas such as cross border/international cases and intellectual
property law.

We will be responsive to our clients’ needs through handing each of their cases
faithfully and appropriately and are aiming to be a continuously trusted law firm.

Also we hope to be a law firm which could convey and succeed something valuable
to the new age of young lawyers who are struggling to find their identities as
law practitioners and doing continuing efforts.

With respect to the history of our predecessors, Yamada Brothers and Goya & Suzuki,
please see the articles below.

Yohnosuke Yamada, Managing Partner
Shuichi Suzuki, Partner


History of Yamada Brothers

Yamada Brothers was established by Kohnosuke Yamada with the cooperation of his wife,
Takako Yamada on October of 1961 at Tokyo Marine Building new annex located at Marunouchi,

Kohnosuke Yamada, the founder, whose grandfather is Kinosuke Yamada (ex-president of
the Tokyo Bar Association) and whose father is Sakunosuke Yamada (ex-president of
the Kobe Bar Association and the Justice of the Supreme Court of Japan), worked at
the Law Offices of Joji Matsumoto for eight years after bar admission. Then he
established his own law office, Yamada Brothers, and specialized in the practice of
corporate law and also broadly handled various litigations and disputes arising from
business activities and peoples living during postwar years of recovery and economic boom.

On June of 1983, Yamada Brothers moved to Iino Building located at Uchisaiwai-cho,
Chiyoda-ku. The founder passed away on March1990. Yohnosuke Yamada, managing partner
of Yamada, Goya & Suzuki, is a second son of the founder.

Among the current corporate clients of Yamada, Goya & Suzuki, there exist
many clients of the founder.



History of Goya & Suzuki

Goya Law Office was established by Mr. Yukio Goya on 1964, represented trading company
and food manufacturer in the area of business law and handled civil law cases. The next
year Ms. Motoko Goya, a former judge, joined the office and handled family law cases
including will and estate.

In 1997, Mr. Shuichi Suzuki who was a member of the office since his admission made partner
and at the same time we changed our name to “Goya & Suzuki”. And in 2005 we merged with
Yamada Brothers.